Prehabvet is a canine sports medicine practice. Based in Somerset, England, we offer musculoskeletal analysis and sports managment on a mobile basis. If you want an experienced eye locked on your best friend and partner, we provide the full spectrum from competition to clinical – covering training, performance, injury and disease.

Appointments are also regularly held at Four Paws Rehab in Collumpton, Devon. 

Online consultation and agility tuition available on enquiry.

Referral is required for dogs with medical conditions or lameness in line with RCVS regulations. We highly recommend referral for sports management in order to benefit from acupuncture.

Upcoming Events

  • January 23, 2023
    Exercise Prescription And Multidisciplinary Management Of The Sporting Dog
    ACPAT - Recording Available
  • Feburary 5, 2023
    Dartmoor KC
    Agility Judge
  • February 20, 2023
    Assessment & Treatment Day 
    K9 Kindergarten, Caerphilly
  • Februrary 26, 2023
    Physical Considerations in Training the Working Sheepdog
    NEBCA Webinar



Prehabvet provides acupuncture, sports medicine assessments, pain management and rehabilitation services. 

We are also available for agility training, return-to-work protocls and produce educational course days.


Wellington, Somerset 
01823 589940

Tracy Carter DVM BSc MRCVS 

Tracy Carter is a veterinarian experienced in sports medicine and rehabilitation. She is a member of the IAVRPT and BVRSMA, with experience in bridging general practice and medicine with musculoskeletal health.

She regularly lectures for colleagues, has written appropriate-use protocols for lameness in telemedicine and leads a team helping develop technology for improved gait analysis.

Tracy has trained and competed with her own dogs for over twenty years. She knows current and past trends in handling, nutrition, and training. She’s worked with weekend teams and world teams, with a specific ability to adapt to the individual and their goals.

Her special interest is return-to-performance work and prehabilitative care, merging her experience with training protocols and behaviour to format a bespoke approach to canine health.

What is prehab? 

Prehabilitation is a cornerstone of sports management, designed to help athletes reach their potential while reducing their chance of injury.


Highly individualized, we focus on performance by breaking down movement, muscle, and brain function.

How do we help performance? 

When you train with your canine partner; are you focused on the movement or the skill?


Prehabvet is for all competitors, from novice to championship. We focus on movement and muscle function to reduce the load on your canine partner. Stress load limits speed, stamina, setups and sequences.


Interested in gait analysis? A fluid form functions faster. Need sport development protocols? We've got you. At heart, we are a vet-led team that loves working dogs.