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Learn more about conditioning. stretching. anatomy. skill training. movement.

We support you, in championship of the working dog. Prehabvet teaches you to influence factors that preserve performance, and improve health.

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Learn essential foundation skills under the eye of a sports veterinarian, carrying your team into better training and conditioning. This is an online course covering the basics of posture evaluation and foundational exercises for sports prehabilitation.

Suitable for all ages, and all disciplines. Limited working spaces available.

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Let’s talk working dogs.

We provide online courses and articles, for working dog owners, with resources and in-person appointments to keep your team active. Prehabvet exists for owners, competitors, knowledge seekers and veterinary professionals.

Interested in gait analysis? A fluid form functions faster. Need sport development protocols? We’ve got you. At heart, we are a vet-led team that loves working dogs.

Run by sports veterinarian and competitor Tracy Carter here for your team.